Lagopus switch

a high performance software OpenFlow 1.3 switch

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What's Lagopus switch?

Lagopus switch is a high-performance software OpenFlow 1.3 switch.

Lagopus is a genus of bird in the grouse subfamily.
Lagopus lives in cloud.



Latest code is hosted at GitHub.



  • Version 0.2.6 (current)
    • Pure OpenFlow switch 1.3.4 specification
    • General tunnel encap/decap extension
    • High-performance dataplane with DPDK
    • Mixed configuration of raw-socket port and DPDK port in dataplane
    • Single-line-based switch configuration datastore
    • CLI (lagosh) with new configuration format
    • Queue support (WRR)
    • New flow lookup algorithm
    • jumbo frame support
    • Linux & FreeBSD with DPDK library support
    • Limited support of controller-less L2, L3 support (Learning switch, ICMP, APR, static route)
  • Version 0.3
    • C-plane program integration (Quagga, GoBGP)
    • Whitebox switch (Broadcom Trident2) support
    • Segment Routing (SPRING) routing stack


We always welcome contributions to Lagopus switch.

  • Submit bugfixes and improvements by pull-request on GitHub.
  • Submit bugreport by GitHub Issues.


Join to the Lagopus switch community! Any question and comments are welcome!

Hands-on Seminar

Hands-on material can be downloaded from here. You can download VM image for handson from OneDrive.



This study is a part of the O3 project supported by a grant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan.

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